Magnet Club

Magnet Club

Magnet Club is a children's program we use on Wednesday evenings. It is divided into three 20 minute segments of lesson, Bible memory, and games. It is an intensive training time designed for young people between the ages of 3 through 6th grade. Many of our teens are able to minister to these younger children giving them some vital "hands on" training.

The Purpose of Magnet Clubs is: To evangelize children, discipling them toward spiritual growth, teaching and training them to serve Jesus Christ, and providing multiple opportunities to do so through the local church.

Evangelism: Magnet Clubs provides essential tools leaders need to attract unsaved children to church for the purpose of clearly presenting the gospel.

Discipleship: Pastors across the country testify that Magnet Clubs does thoroughly disciple children for Christ. Through Magnet Clubs, your leaders will become better disciplers, impacting your church for generations to come.

Application to Life: Magnet Club materials are saturated with the truths of God’s Word. In fact, badges and other awards motivate children to take progressive steps after memorizing a verse—hiding the verse in their heart and living out each Biblical truth in real life.

Providing Opportunities: Magnet Clubs equips churches with ideas essential in “training kids to serve the Master” in their church or in their community.