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"We are a family oriented church that believes Christ can make your family a haven rather than a battleground."

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Liberty Christian School

The purpose of Liberty Christian School is to operate in accordance with these fundamentals: development of Christian character, Biblical interpersonal relationships, responsible citizenship; promotion of good health; command of fundamental processes; preparation for vocation; and the worthy use of leisure time. It is the school's desire to be a reinforcement of the Christian home. We believe the home and church are the two institutions ordained by God to carry out His plan for the Christian life. LCS does not attempt nor desire to replace the Christian home, but tries to strengthen the home as God wants it to be according to His Word. Our goal is to pursue excellence in all areas.

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Magnet Club

Magnet Club is a children's program we use on Wednesday evenings. It is divided into three 25 minute segments of lesson, Bible memory, and games. It is an intensive training time designed for young people between the ages of 3 through 6th grade. Many of our teens are able to minister to these younger children giving them some vital "hands on" training.

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